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You guys are amazing to work with and your professionalism is exemplary.  I appreciate that you not only have my back but also make me look good.  My job is effortless with a strong team like Integrity behind me.

- Dorothy, Property Manager
"Thank you so much for all of your hard work... The space turned out great and the client was extremely impressed in the painting.  If there is one thing that stands out on this project it is the excellent paint job by the Integrity team.  We recognize this was not the easiest project... Your team went above beyond and that did not go unnoticed."
- Alex P. Project Manager
We always hear from our customers when there is a problem, hardly ever when they are pleased.

Today I received a call to tell me what a wonderful job Integrity Painting did.  Not only does the building look great, but the paint crews were very easy to work with, professional and accommodating.  This happens to be a very busy operation/building and in the beginning they were concerned with how the painting process would proceed.

Thank you for being such great vendor partners with.  We appreciate you treating our customers as your own. 

Great work!

- Dorothy, Property Manager
Great work Integrity!  ... your team did an excellent job!
- Alex Project Manager
Thank you very much…I wanted to pass along a thank your team - they have done an outstanding job of helping us get thru this remodeling project. Generally, you only hear complaints and negativity, I wanted you to know how much I appreciated both of them and the help they provided as we wrap up this project.
- Michael L., Property Manager, Condo Association
I just wanted to send to let you know how pleased I am with the project. It looks fantastic! Thank you.
- Paris A., Property Manager, Property Management
Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Our team and myself enjoy working with you and your team (good work + price) and look forward to another year.
- Neeta P., Property Manager, Developer/Owner
As usual, great job! Again, great job, and thanks!
- Jim R., Project Manager, General Contractor
Thanks, your guys are doing a great job, I’m glad to have them there!
- Chuck K., Owner, General Contractor
I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you all did... It looks wonderful!
- Theresa P., Property Manager, Property Management
Just wanted to let you know that your guys did a great job and they made me look good by selecting Integrity. I will be in contact for upcoming work!!!!!!!!! Thank you.
- Ken N., Facility Manager, customer
Thank you so much for being flexible. Very quickly you and your team have become our preferred vendor. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your guys on site and their willingness to serve.
- Daniel P., Office Manager, customer
Integrity Painting is our go to painter on all of our projects. They do a great job and are really easy to work with. Thanks!
- Pat S., Partner, Owner/Developer
I wanted to say what a great job your crew did, they were easy to work with and accommodating to our staff and their schedule. They took pride in their work, everything looks great! Thanks!
- Kathy W., Owner, customer
Thank you, the crew is doing a great job!
- Carolyn B., Property Manager
Always enjoy working with you guys.
- Meg M., Director, Property Management
You guys were great to us on the project and I’m going to make sure we do right by you. Thanks again.
- Ryan H., Project Manager, General Contractor
Thank you, the customer is very pleased with your work.
- Peter K., Project Manager, General Contractor
I was very pleased watching Integrity Painting & Decorating at work; they take pride in their work with attention to detail. I truly appreciate all the efforts to help me get this completed and look forward to future projects.
- Michael B., Owner, Developer/Owner
We are pleased with the way the project went, and grateful that we were greeted at the building so courteously. Thank you!
- Denise B., Vice President Operations, General Contractor
Thank all of You. The customer has nothing but good things to say.
- Joe M., owner, General Contractor
The painting job looked terrific. The guys did a great job and we really appreciate it. The dock looked much better than before and our event today went very well. Thanks again. Job well done.
- Scott G., Property Manager, Developer/Owner
Integrity did a great job. I tried to find a sign (any sign) of some patchwork but I could not and then they painted a whole section of the ceiling so that everything would match. A terrific job! It is nice to know that I have found a contractor who does great work and that means much more to me than the price or the wait.
- Doug M., CFO, Property Management
Integrity Painting & Decorating is a joy to work with; they are responsive, accommodating, and most importantly, they do great work.
- Project Manager / INTEGRITY CLIENT
Your team helped us identify the problem and came up with a cost effective solution that didn't drain our wallets.
- Project Manager / INTEGRITY CLIENT

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