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Window & Façade Historic Restoration

Integrity is well versed in the handling of aged historic surfaces on vintage buildings via preparation methods & applicable products that are above industry standards. We understand you want to do this work as infrequently as possible so we've made it our mission to solve this riddle. With over 20+ years of painting experience, we've tested, tried & retested until we've come up with products and processes that are proven to last.  For example, we offer upgraded options to ‘semi-restore’ old hard wood windows which includes: removal & replacement of 100% sealants, full re-glazing, epoxy repairs to localized rotten wood, larger scale wood repairs (with upgraded wood species in top clear grades), and near coatings removals & added coats of paint.  If you want to hire seasoned professionals to do it right, give us a call!

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We are accredited and highly trained to provide quality work.

EPA Lead Free Certified
We use Sherwin Williams paint
We use Benjamin Moore paints

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"The client was extremely impressed. We recognize this was not the easiest project... Your team went above beyond and that did not go unnoticed."

- Alex P. Project Manager
"Just wanted to let you know that your guys did a great job and they made me look good by selecting Integrity."

- Ken N., Facility Manager, customer
"Integrity did a great job. It is nice to know that I have found a contractor who does great work and that means much more to me than the price or the wait."

- Doug M., CFO, Property Management
"Today I received a call to tell me what a wonderful job Integrity Painting did. Thank you for being such great vendor partners with. We appreciate you treating our customers as your own. Great work!"

- Dorothy, Property Manager
"Thank you so much for being flexible. Very quickly you and your team have become our preferred vendor."

- Daniel P., Office Manager, customer
"You guys were great to us on the project and I’m going to make sure we do right by you. Thanks again."

- Ryan H., Project Manager, General Contractor
"Thank you very much. They have done an outstanding job of helping us get thru this remodeling project. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the help they provided as we wrap up this project."

- Michael L., Property Manager, Condo Association