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Warehouse Decking & Barjoist Coating

Ceiling decking & barjoists can be very tricky to coat and experience is critical to a successful job. Integrity employs some of the Chicagoland’s most experienced & efficient spraying professionals who've been doing this type of work for 20+ years. The work is hard/physical (overhead), tedious and time consuming.  With our large workforce & top-of-the-line ('work horse,' highest volume) industrial sprayers (of which Integrity has 20) we are capable of handling huge projects with thousands of gallons. If you need something done in an unreasonable amount of time for a broker Open House then ask Integrity – the very best & fastest around! 

Furthermore, our quality control is second to none.  We regularly test various preparation methods & dryfall products (epoxy ester, alkyd, waterborne, etc.) to ensure proper blocking of yellowing and adhesion.  We've also been asked to help come up with possible solutions where there are inherited problems such as: severely peeling (improperly applied) paint, discoloration bleed-through, oily/greasy surfaces, or rusted decking.  We've seen it all!

Successfully sprayed: metal pan, prefinished deck, galvanized sheet metal, Tectum panels, gypsum ceilings, insulation and much more.

Trained & Accredited Painting Company
We are accredited and highly trained to provide quality work.

EPA Lead Free Certified
We use Sherwin Williams paint
We use Benjamin Moore paints

Our Integrity Builds Trust
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"The client was extremely impressed. We recognize this was not the easiest project... Your team went above beyond and that did not go unnoticed."

- Alex P. Project Manager
"Today I received a call to tell me what a wonderful job Integrity Painting did. Thank you for being such great vendor partners with. We appreciate you treating our customers as your own. Great work!"

- Dorothy, Property Manager
"Just wanted to let you know that your guys did a great job and they made me look good by selecting Integrity."

- Ken N., Facility Manager, customer
"Thank you very much. They have done an outstanding job of helping us get thru this remodeling project. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the help they provided as we wrap up this project."

- Michael L., Property Manager, Condo Association
"Thank you so much for being flexible. Very quickly you and your team have become our preferred vendor."

- Daniel P., Office Manager, customer
"Integrity did a great job. It is nice to know that I have found a contractor who does great work and that means much more to me than the price or the wait."

- Doug M., CFO, Property Management
"You guys were great to us on the project and I’m going to make sure we do right by you. Thanks again."

- Ryan H., Project Manager, General Contractor