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Specialized Coatings

Unique surfaces, conditions or coatings don’t baffle us. If it can be painted chances are Integrity knows how to paint it!  We'll take great pains to test various products and perform adhesion tests to insure proper product selection and compatibility. We've applied paint (successfully, & made it stick) to metal, brick, gypsum, plaster, stone, concrete, insulation, duct, floors, mansard roofs, gutters/downspouts, flag poles, anodized surfaces, chalk boards, metallics, (super slick) prefinished surfaces... even glass!  And even better yet, in the rare instances where we cannot coat successfully we'll be honest and forthright by either 1. telling you not to paint and/or 2. explaining to you exactly what you can expect (and all your options) if you do chose to.

High performance coatings & applications such as: Fluropolymer, epoxies, polyurethanes, HVLP (high volume low pressure) application, waterborne alkyds, solvent borne acrylics, mineral coatings, moisture cured urethanes, fine finishes and many more.

Trained & Certified Painting Company
We are accredited and highly trained to provide quality work.

EPA Lead Free Certified
Painting & Decorating Contractors of America
We use Sherwin Williams paint
We use Benjamin Moore paints

Our Integrity Builds Trust
Read what our our customers say about our company.

"Thank you so much for being flexible. Very quickly you and your team have become our preferred vendor."

- Daniel P., Office Manager, customer
"Integrity Painting & Decorating is a joy to work with; they are responsive, accommodating, and most importantly, they do great work."

- Project Manager / INTEGRITY CLIENT
"Your team helped us identify the problem and came up with a cost effective solution that didn't drain our wallets."

- Project Manager / INTEGRITY CLIENT