Why Work For Us? One Word: Integrity.

Career Advancement

At Integrity Painting and Decorating we are dedicated to helping our employees learn and grow. Whether you are a well-experienced painter or just starting out, there is room for growth.


Integrity Painting and Decorating provides competitive starting pay and higher pay rates for experienced candidates. We also pledge a large stable of repeat customers and plenty of work.


In addition to competitive pay, we provide great benefits: gap insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and 401k retirement plans.

Our People

At Integrity Painting and Decorating we believe our employees are our greatest asset and we are proud to have a family atmosphere where we truly care about each other. We strive to be a place where people are kind, thoughtful, feel appreciated, respected & valued.

Company Culture

One of our foremost priorities is to maintain an excellent work environment. We do that by operating with absolute truth, honesty, and integrity.


Integrity Painting and Decorating strictly follows the OSHA safety standards.  Our mantra is always ‘Safety First.’ We vow nobody will do work they are not trained, certified & protected doing.

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Integrity Painting - Mural

Mission Statement:

Make an impact by serving with expertise & integrity

  • We promise to do business with the utmost integrity.
  • We believe in adding value through the highest level of customer service.
  • We strive to build enduring trust with our partners and customers.
  • We are knowledgeable, detailed and analytical.
  • We determine beneficial client solutions and attain excellent results at a fair, honest rate.

Vision and Values

Holy Cross

Honor God &
Point People to Him

Be in a position to make an impact, give back, "pay it forward".
Shaking Hands

Operate with Absolute Truth, Honesty & Integrity

Tell the truth rather than what they would like to hear – always!
A Family

Create a Family-Like Atmosphere

Be a place where people are kind, thoughtful, feel appreciated, respected & valued.
a plan

Produce Detailed, Analytical, Cutting Edge Solutions

Solve problems and accomplish results through continued education.

Achieve Excellence in Workmanship

Only accept a job as completed if you yourself would be satisfied with the results.

Build a Reputation as the Best in the Industry

Build a healthy, lasting and sustainable business for future generations.

Integrity Painting's Position Statement


The only commercial painting company that starts each day with a burning desire to do the right thing


for commercial/industrial owners, property managers, board of directors & superintendents


who is in desperate need of a contractor who they can trust, help with solving problems and can mobilize quickly


that cares more about honesty, service, fair pricing & superior quality than profitability


in Chicagoland and surrounding areas


during a time when the market is flooded with service providers with bad reputations (for good reasons).